Enviromental Educational Centre Botania Internal Rules of Procedure

  1. These rules govern the successful operation of the Enviromental Educational Centre Botania (hereinafter refered to as EEC Botania) and the procedures for attending it.
  2. By booking a visit to EEC Botania, the visitor confirms that he has familiarized themselves with the internal rules of procedure for EEC Botania and agrees to comply with them.
  3. Parents or guardians are responsible for introducing children to the rules, ensuring their compliance, as well as the behavior and supervision of children, staying at a visible distance from the child while using the exhibits.
  4. Visitors must treat EEC Botania employees and other visitors with respect, as well as be considerate of the inventory and exhibits.
  5. EEC Botania exposition is open to visitors on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

6. To visit the EEC Botania exhibition, you must present a valid National Botanic Garden entrance ticket and confirmation for the time of visit. Reservations can be made:
6.1. By clicking on “Book a visit” under the “Visit us” section of the EEC Botania website, botania.lv;
6.2. At the cash register of the National Botanical Garden, paying in cash or using card payment;
6.3. By clicking “Ticket prices” under the “Attend” section on the National Botanical Garden website, nbd.gov.lv
6.4. Ticket service website bilesuserviss.lv and sales points listed on the website.

7. Children under the age of 14 can visit EEC Botania only when accompanied by adults.

8. EEC Botania has a limited capacity: no more than 60 people can be in the exhibition at the same time. The recommended duration of the visit – up to 2 hours.

9. EEC Botania prohibits you to:
9.1. Damage EEC Botania’s inventory and display;
9.2. Run, shout and disturb or harass other visitors;
9.3. Eat and drink on the premises of exhibition;
9.4. Use virtual reality glasses without the permission and presence of EEC Botania employees;
9.5. To smoke (including electronic cigarettes) indoors and closer than 10 m from all EEC Botania entrances;
9.6. Riding a skateboard, roller skates, bicycle and/or other personal mobility devices indoors (does not apply to people with mobility impairments);
9.7. Stay in the center under the influence of intoxicating substances;
9.8. Bring items that may endanger the safety of others.

10. EEC Botania employees have the right to:
10.1. Indicate and reprimand visitors for their behavior and/or actions that do not comply with the internal rules of procedure in for EEC Botania;
10.2. Inspect suspicious items with the person’s consent and prohibit them from being brought into EEC Botania;
10.3. Search visitors’ bags with the person’s consent if there is concern about its contents;
10.4. Expel from EEC Botania persons who violate these rules by being visibly intoxicated, disturbing other visitors, or damaging exhibits and inventory (in case of a serious violation – call security and detain the perpetrator until the police arrive);
10.5. Refuse to serve a person who is under the influence and/or disturbs public order;
10.6. Refuse to serve a person who doesn’t comply with general epidemiological safety regulations and/or has poor personal hygiene.
10.7. Cancel a reservation that violates the rules of procedure of EEC Botania, as well as in cases where trickery or fraud is detected.

11. For violation of the rules, damage to inventory and exhibits, disruptive behavior, etc., the perpetrator can be expelled from the premises of EEC Botania or prosecuted in accordance with the procedure provided by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

12. The Environmental Education Centre is a public place where photographs and videos may be taken; photographs and videos may be used for the protection of EEC Botania’s legal interests and for publicity purposes.

13. EEC Botania visitors are allowed to take photographs and videos of their experience while at the centre for non-commercial use only. The creation of commercial material must be authorised in writing in advance by EEC Botania employees.

14. The administration of EEC Botania has the right to determine and change without prior notice:
14.1. Centre’s opening hours;
14.2. The range of exhibits available in the exhibition.

15. Visitors are responsible for assessing their own and their child’s abilities before trying out an exhibit. In case of ill health or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact the employees.

16. In case of technical errors in exhibits, please inform EEC Botania employees.

17. Action in emergency situations, including cases where medical assistance is required:
17.1. Immediately report the emergency to EEC Botania employees;
17.2. Follow the instructions of EEC Botania employees.

18. Items found at EEC Botania are stored for one month, after this period they are donated to charity or disposed of.

19. It is obligatory to return the keys to their corresponding locker after visiting EEC Botania.

20. Garbage may only be disposed of in the designated garbage bins located in both the lobby and the restrooms.